The L is silent.

About the Piper

Beorbrand descends from the tribes of the Bardings and the Beornings deep within the Dimrill Dale.  He spent his youth in service to Grimbeorn the Old, son of Beorn and his kin, defending the passage from Dale to Rivendell from orcs.  His insatiable wanderlust has led him to far lands and for a time he journeyed with the Blades of Anarion before they fell to shadow.

As of late, he has contented himself to lend his aid to those that desire it, having become world-renowned through the lands.  He enjoys a bit of mischief and merriment with the Inn League when his journies lead him to the Shire and sometimes wakes up submerged in the boar fountain in Bree, sans pants, unsure of how he arrived!

He can often be found playing with Bards, Beers, and Longbeards at the Dancing Goat.

(Pet Biographer the unBearded declares that Beor is half-honeybadger and 1/42nd equal parts Jack Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Beorn, and perhaps even P.B.)


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